Monday, January 23, 2012

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So. I have a new addiction for 2012. A new perfectly fabulous way to waste time during the day and evenings... all from the comfort of my home, all while avoiding the ever-growing pile of laundry on my neatly made bed. I say neatly made because well, I want you to know that while I do have a massive Mt Laundry, at least it's all atop a freshly made bed. Adds to ambiance, I say.

The addiction I speak of? Pinterest. For those of you who have yet to discover, think of it as an online (and wonderfully stylish) bulletin board, where you can "pin" you favorite ideas. The best part is being able to see other people's "pinned" ideas... everything from recipes to crafts to gardening to haircuts. Quotes, artwork, photography tuturials... and, um, ways to organize your laundry room ::cough::. It's all there for the browsing. The hours and hours of browsing. ::swoon::


So, in between cups and coffee and matching socks, I am dreaming up / making plans to build a headboard out of old wooden shutters, measuring ingredients for my own homemade laundry soap and whipping up a new casserole recipe. All in the name of Domestic Goddess. Here's a few things you might enjoy.

Annie's Eas {{making your days taste better}}
I discovered this fabulous blog via a "pin" of her entry on what to make / pack / send / consider when sending a meal to a family. In the South y'all, we all send over meals when you might be sick, have just had a baby, or for any other of life's celebrations or sadnesses. This entry should be in the Southern Lady Handbook.  You DO have a copy, RIGHT?


Now, I like food blogs. I reaaaaallly like food blogs with practical food I would actually prepare for my family. You can imagine my extreme happiness when, via Annie's Eats, I discovered her recipe for Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffins. Oh yes, I said heaven. I made them for breakfast (x2)... they were every bit as delicious as you are imagining them to be right this very second


And so,this is how Pinterest will start to consume mass, mass amounts of your time. One recipe here, one craft project there and before you know it, you're redecorating you living room in zebra print ...  It's kinda like crack for the lot of us who suffer from ADHD...
I also made Rosemary Skillet Chicken this week... recipe discovered via Pinterest, from an adorable and useful site called Pass the Sushi.  Josh told me I could make it again.  Score.  If The Boss likes it, then everyone is happy.  This is the Farmhouse Kitchen Rule. 


So, in between bites of Peanut Buter Chocolate Chip muffins (seriously, did I mention those already?), I happened upon the "pin" of a dear friend, which linked me to a tutorial entitled "Giant Picture"!  Well, Helloooo, doesn't that just sound right up my alley?  Sugar Bee Crafts has this tutorial for the taking / endeavoring / attempting.  I suggest a strong GO FOR IT, because I did, and it's already finished AND hung on the wall.  In case you might be wondering, these two worlds of Project and Finished NEVER intersect for me, EVER.


The resulting photo is a mounted 3' x 4' wall hanging of The Farmhouse Chirren.  It was possibly the simplest project ever, and lo, it only cost The Boss about $16.00 .  Josh likes anything that costs less than $20.  Just for the record.  Be sure to read the post at Sugar Bee for specific directions.  I can tell you it's a simple as a trip to your local office supply store and your local Home Depot.  And then, just like magic, it will be on your wall, and your friends can marvel at how much you (DID NOT) spend on photographs.

Don't worry... I already have the next fourteen ideas lined up ... I am sure right now Josh is running away screaming, checkbook in hand. 

Oh, and I am leaving you with possibly my favorite finds ever on Pinterest... a few life affirmations, just in case you might be like me, and you know, need a couple.


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