Saturday, January 7, 2012


While the rest of the world has been doing it's thing, I have been busy raising a teenage daughter. She has somehow survived in spite of this fact, and is now a beautiful fifteen year old, complete with attitude, 1.6 million pictures of herself on her facebook page, and a great sense of humor. I'd call her the total package. I mean, I do good work, right?



However, despite my best "city girl" intentions for this one... somewhere along the way she learned about horses, cowboy boots and boys in trucks. Give her a good time with some loud country music, boys with Justin's on, and a Jeep or a pickup truck... and the girl is in heaven. Sigh. This was not part of my master plan, but it's worked so far. The kid loves some camo, what can I say?

Last summer, she moved in with her dad, for some "higher education." Dad lives in The Big City, complete with Starbucks within walking distance of home. I was sure I was sending my child right into Culture Shock. I was right. She quickly retired her beloved pink and camo purse. Its hanging in her bedroom now... Her cowboy boots stay here, at my house as well. She has three or six other pairs of boots now... none of which can be remotely described using the word "cowboy." I guess a sign of how times, they are a changin.'

For a while, I worried about how she would adapt from country life to city life. However, a couple of weekends ago, when she opted for new Topsider shoes at Christmas and later flung her brand new, sparkly, REAL Coach Purse into the front seat of the car, I ceased my worrying. Turns out, she's doin' all right in The Big City. And I reallllly want her purse.

She describes her new high school and friends to me... they all wear Topsiders (see above) and boots, have no idea a tractor is, and don't know much about country music. They wear polos and know about soccer and golf. Sigh. A preppy kid. Ok, I guess.

Last weekend two brave souls, my dad and Joshua, took her and a friend to the local Mud Bog. Folks who aren't from the south - you'll just have to Google that one. I've thrown a few pictures in for reference purposes. Josh and my dad "mud bogged" before they became organized events ... even Josh said it was less fun as a "spectator." I say that Josh had a great time, and only ceased having fun when some "young 'uns" referred to him as "Sir." Um, what was I saying again?


OH YES! Sarah Beth. Mud Bog. Right.


So off she went, in camo jacket and cowboy boots, out to basque in her true "element."

When she came home, a confession that assured me that she still knows where "home" is... "Mama," she said.... "I was really starting to give in and just like the boys in The City. Thank goodness Josh took me to the Mud Bog. There were boys with boots on everywhere. I think there's still hope."

And all is well in my world.

I'm pullin' for the boot wearin' type myself.

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