Sunday, June 12, 2011


::the toddlers have taken to removing their diapers before I gather them from their cribs in the mornings... sheesh::

::as I type these very words, I hear them undoing them::

:sissy is saying "uh-oh uh-oh"::

::josh is out of town for ten whole weeks. it hasn't even been a week, and I miss him::

::don't tell him that.::

::supposed to be potty training right now. ugh. ::

::i have been retreating from everyone lately. dont really know why. double ugh.::

:: i posted about this last night, but decided to edit when in a better frame of mind.::

::just not sure where I am right now, or where Im going::

::better frame of mind = ingested more caffeine::

::did i mention i gave up caffeine a week ago::

::you see where this is going, don't you::

::hoping to find my way out of this funk::

::teenager has a job, and amazing tutoring. surprise. she's bored.::

::wondering who is going to mow the dandelions while josh is gone::

::i say dandelions because we don't really have grass::

::need a good book to read::

::plan to solve that problem today, in fact::

::books are good when you need alone time::

::missing the beach almost as much as josh::

::wouldnt want him to know that either::

::so shhh.::

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