Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dear Landon. Month Four.

Today you are sixteen weeks old. And I could still just eat you with a spoon. I think this feeling wears off sometime around nine or so, when I will be helping you pack the bag you plan to run away from home with. Don't forget clean underwear. For now, though, I am relishing every second of this deliciousness that is... you.

Four months ago today wanna know where I was? Sitting in the labor / delivery suite... praying. Just for you. For me. For us. It was quiet and still. Just you and me. Waiting. I could never say enough about those moments between the time the doctors said "let's have a baby" and the time the room filled with people. They were surreal - the seconds before ... before the girls became big sisters... before I became the Mother of a Son... before your daddy became a father. Quiet moments. Tremendous moments.

You are smiling and laughing at everyone and oh-so-ticklish. You are outgrowing every article of clothing you own. You and your cousin Jackson have discovered the magic of each other. Faces and people have now become familiar characters. You know your Mama and Daddy, Mimi, Pa - Sisters - heck, even the dog. You watch and observe and are probably wondering how in the world you ended up with this lot as your Relatives... but, all the same, we like you a lot. So just bear with us. We're learning.

This month you spent some extra time with your other Grandmother. The one who will undoubtedly let you runaround barefoot with mismatched clothes and frogs in your pockets. The one who will teach you how to make mud pies and who will dip your feet into the lake with hers. The one I can't wait for you to love as much as I love. And because you've been listening to all my stories about her - you smiled and laughed and cooed and kicked until you fell sound asleep right beside her from all the excitement. Right then, I pictured you in six or so years, wet hair, swimming trunks, barefoot, sunkissed... passing out next to her on the boat. Contentment. Just remember. When your dad and I screw things up... when we make you the maddest you've ever been... when you're busy packing your runaway bag... you always have your grandmothers.

Oh. And where are you celebrating your big day? Well. I must confess. Today is your second day with The Babysitter. No. Not Mimi's or even Jennifer's or any other even distantly related relative. A wonderful, delightful, caring Babysitter. Who doesn't even have a wart on the end of her nose. Who even told me you had FUN yesterday. Where, I might add, you are surrounded by several other children who have made you the center of attention, which I AM SURE is only causing you to miss your mother EVEN MORE. Mmm-hmm. I am sure that's exactly what you are doing.



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  2. I have been blessed way more than I ever could ever imagine and could not ask for more. I made a spelling blunder and didn't want Mandy to see it so I deleted the former comment. thankyou very much

  3. Awwww!! What a sweetheart. Four months! Wow. What a fun time.

  4. What he's a boy he will ask you to pack his bag for him- at least that's what mine do .... smile