Wednesday, February 11, 2009

These two are headed for trouble.

Let's talk about some preciousness for a minute. JUST for a minute, ok?

Lookie. It's Jackson and Landon. Jackson, much like the girls, has now discovered that Landon is in fact, interactive! And Landon has discovered that maybe SOMEBODY finally gets it. And it's Jackson.

Right now, Landon is hoping that in fact, JACKSON has the bottle he's been asking for for the past thirty minutes. While his Mama was busy with the camera. AGAIN.

Jackson likes to ssssqqqquuueeeeze Landon he's so excited to see him. I think one day his guts might pop right out of his eyeballs while this is happening. Seriously. Isn't that gross?

See? Jackson is just wantin' a little lovin.' That's all. And maybe if Landon (note fabulous sleeper) would just give in already, he wouldn't get so sqqquuueeezed for it. It's all fun and games until someone gets him out of the carseat.


  1. Way too cute!!! Such sweet pictures! I can't wait for you to create some materpiece stationery for Alexa. You are her SGM (stationery godmother). :-)

  2. Wonder ? The pictures are WONDERFUL !!!! They are so handsome . In refrence to the B.S meter can you believe that ? Wow!

  3. They are so adorable! I've always believed that babies and toddlers have their own language or understanding. Now that I'm the mom of twins, I'm even more convinced. Great pictures!