Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Another time, another town, another everything....

Charleston is one of my favorite places. Mostly, because it's the place my sister calls home. It's a beautiful, charming, romantic city full of history and ghosts.

I haven't seen Becca since late Spring. This weekend - with the girls away with their dad - was the perfect time to introduce Landon to Aunt Becca and Uncle Brandon - and to introduce his toes to the ocean. The perfect time to get out the stroller and show him the sights. The houses. The architecture. The river. The cannons. The ships. The Cooper River Bridge... the cobblestones... the surfboards... All the things that make Charleston her home - and one of my favorite cities. And the weather couldn't have cooperated more completely... it's 75 degrees outside.

It was also the perfect weekend to spend some time reflecting on the past week... so much has happened... I needed to be out of Atlanta this weekend -somewhere I could protect my heart and nuture my soul. And I found that place... right here on Becca's comfy sofa with Betsy and Beau (my dog neice and nephew) sleeping at my feet. Ok, okay, maybe not sleeping exactly - 'waiting to lick that baby again' would probably be a more accurate description.

We ate (Fleet Landing and Bookstore Cafe) and napped and watched some really shameful television. We shopped and talked about breast sandwiches (yes, indeed) and everyone took turns holding Landon. Turns out, he really loves his Uncle Brandon, and maybe even more, Becca's BFF Tracy - the Baby Nurse. We won't even talk about it.

The weather was tremendous and the company was even better. I realized as I was driving back over the Cooper River Bridge - that I really didn't want to go back home. I was peaceful and happy and content.... for the first time in forever.

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