Saturday, December 27, 2008

Questioning my authority already

Today Landon and I strolled down King Street and browsed through all the shops of things we cannot afford, but desperatley would love to have. King Street is a fabulous place - the only place in the world where you can combine cobblestones and The Gap. Perfection.

Then Becca and I had a cupcake at Cupcakes - a sweet little place two doors down from the Jewish deli. More perfection.

Then Landon decided he was - well, DONE. Time to go home.

Tonight I am going to dinner with Becca and Brandon and some friends. Becca's BFF, Tracey, is babysitting Landon ... voluntarily. She's a nurse in the NICU here in Charleston.... so, holding a healthy, fat baby is like, you know, her idea of the perfect way to spend a Saturday night. And Landon? YEAH. Suddenly, the crying has ceased. He is gazing at Tracey and making sweet baby noises. Because FINALLY - he's in the hands of a professional.

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  1. glad your having a great time. Give Becca a hug for me and let me know what she thinks of her gift =)