Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day.

A few years ago, before The Great Falling Out, my sister and I asked my dad what he wanted for Christmas. If we had skipped him, and just asked my mom what my dad wanted, we already knew her answer would involve some exciting gift like "socks," or "undershirts." After approximately 30 years of gift giving from your children, I am just betting socks and undershirts get old. Fast.


Unfortunately, no credit card could prepare us for his answer. Like maybe all these years, we just hadn't asked him if he actually preferred socks and undershirts. My dad said he "just wanted everyone to be together."


Oh yes... We made fun of him for several years after. I thought about even getting him one of those sweaters that Mr. Rogers used to zip up while he sang, "It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood," just to pour salt in the wound.

Now, several years later, this answer has changed my life.


Holidays come around and I find myself perfectly content with the same gift.... just having my entire family together, in one place. Togetherness is one of the things we most take for granted. Practices, jobs, errands, school and the like keep us in 52 million places... it's a breath of fresh air to look around and know, we are just all there... under one roof. Pretty much the greatest gift one can receive.

So I don't mind giving this to my dad so much anymore.

Sweaters and singing not required.

This was a year that changed everything. And we didn't even have to buy socks. (whew)

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