Sunday, April 10, 2011


Long, wonderful weekend. Springtime that felt like summertime at all the right moments.

Friday morning... breakfast with girlfriends I don't see often enough. Girlfriends who have coffee and lunches and just come to me and the toddlers when we ask. Fruit Pizza, a Farmhouse specialty...

fruit pizza
Girlfriends who bring fudge for breakfast... note to self: I need more of those. They may not be good for my waistline, but they are amazing for my heart and soul. I think it's a fair trade off.


A few long-time pals leftover for enjoying the sunny weather... and Monopoly, of course. These girls are all viscious future real-estate agents. In Malibu. Or New York City. Just to clarify.


A quiet weekend with no internet, no cell phone... just us, some friends, and the lake... calming. Amazing what lack of access to Facebook can do for your soul.


Early Saturday morning at Trade Days... a huge flea market with every imaginable thing under the sun. Josh wouldn't let me take a picture of the lady holding her toddler on one hip and a rifle on the other one... so I settled for a picture of the Snowball Hydrangeas instead. Party Pooper. For the record, he also wouldnt let me photograph the rebel flag display... "THIS IS NOT A TOURIST ATTRACTION," he said. Hmmmph.


A sweet walk in the woods with my favorite hell-raisin' toddler. Yes. I said "Hell-Raisin' " . I meant it, too. Don't let the sweet little pink shoes fool you into anything. It's all part of her master plan.


Now we are back to life... connected with the world again... internet, cable, cell phones... and sadly, I miss not being able to get in touch with anyone.

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