Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ode to Messy.

Here at the Farmhouse, the babies are the ... the Thing. Most of our friends' children are a little older... so the toddlers are quite a commodity. The most common thing we hear when we go out as a family is... DO YOU HAVE THE BABIES WITH YOU?!? We must prepare ourselves for disappointment and sudden unpopularity when we don't have the little bundles of joy with us. Some people come with candy in hand... others with sunglasses or other miscellaneous toddler friendly paraphanailea. Those babies know exactly what to expect, from who, and where.


People say things like... "They look JUST like their daddy!" (sigh, they do... it's true) or... "They could be twins!" (well really, we consider them so, just google the term IRISH TWINS if you really want to know how we get away with that one) and, the ever popular "They are just so CUTE!" (why yes, they are, as long as things go entirely their way... and I do mean ENTIRELY)


And just the other day, another phrase was added to the list of things we hear all the time.... "Oh, I just love seeing those babies... they always have the cutest messy faces!" Hmmm. Really? My babies have messy faces? Joshua just fell over. He carries two different kinds of wipes every where we go... one for cleaning, and one for sanitizing. It's a cleaning crying shame, I'm telling you. I think he has probably cleaned fifty layers of skin off their faces already in their short lifetimes. REALLY?!? MESSY FACES?? I don't even know how that's possible.

Except maybe that it is. I better amp up the cute clothes option to disguise the Dirty Face look. Until then, I have come up with a new logo for us. Enjoy...



  1. love! Landon was killing me wiping his nose, then mouth, then chin, over & over. You should see MY face when I eat

  2. That kid is seriously beautiful. LOVE those chunky cheeks.