Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday.

There is one sure way to know Spring has arrived at the Farmhouse.


Mimi's prize-winning (oh yes, I am serious) Iris have bloomed. She plants them, watches them grow, and totes them all over the southeast to various flower shows. We have a few blue ribbons in there. In the fall, she digs up the plants, divides them, and passes out extra bulbs to her friends. Mimi's Iris are all over the county.


Tall and lovely, just like all the women of the Farm. We are never stumpy, crooked and disagreeable. Not ever. I am sure Josh and Pa would agree, wholeheartedly, even.


Because it's Easter weekend and we should all say nice things about each other. Like how tall and lovely we are. Yes. Indeed.


Here's to a weekend of celebrations... renewal... and lots of chocolate.

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