Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Things I Love. A collection.

cupcake liners

If you are, perhaps like me, and you type blog posts one handed while balancing a coffee cup in another hand and dance around two toddlers all at the same time... you must realize the need for organization. Wait. Allow me to clarify. I realize the NEED for organization. The NEED. I wouldn't want my mama to call me out in front of the whole wide internet.

While my socks may remain mismatched and I can't find my list of meals for the next two weeks, I am good at one particular area of organization... IDEAS! Don't you just LOVE IDEAS!? This is part of my terrible ADHD, I am sure, however, IDEAS! are what makes my world go round. It should be noted here that IDEAS! are what make poor Josh shudder with fear and hide under the guise of "I HAVE TO WORK SO I CAN'T BUILD THE TREE HOUSE CASTLE YOU WANT OUTSIDE THIS WEEKEND, MMMMK?" Hmm. I wonder if he remembers I want air conditioning and hardwood floors? I better make anote to remind him. JOSH? JOSHHH?!?

Recently I discovered the perfect place to store all my IDEAS! I discover on the internet... a perfect, tidy little place to file, label and share them with the world.
Pinterest is a relatively new, hip and trendy online community of great IDEAS!. There you can share your IDEAS! with the world, and find other ones to add to your own collection.


These lovely stairs are a great find, aren't they? They are filed under my "Home Sweet Farmhouse" category. You can see all of my pins here. Art, cupcake liners, pretty staircases, recipes and just about anything else FABULOUS I find in my daily travels 'round the world wide web.

Now, my coffee's getting cold, and the toddlers are quiet... and that is NEVER a good thing. Enjoy.

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