Wednesday, February 23, 2011


In the midst of winter, I found within me, an invincible summer...


Time to celebrate. Throw me and my cousins in an empty room with some crepe paper and balloons... we'll do a little magic. We're known for our punch 'recipes' (a very relative term) and famous shower games. They are the only group I will play dreaded games with at a baby shower.


Healing to the soul. Bittersweet. Each one of them a bandaid on my heart. Makes me wonder when my sister will return. Not sure I will meet her when she does anymore.


Times like these remind me of what it is to have family. How we should love each other. Celebrate with each other. Enjoy each other.


How one day, we will all be looking back... so glad we have held hands on the journey together. Teaching our girls how to make punch and spread confetti. Teaching our girls the "sisterhood" of family.

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  1. OMG THIS IS AWSOME.................YOU ARE AWSOME1111111111111111