Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tis the season.

Our lives are busy. Filled with dance lessons, toddlers, and teenagers. I hardly find time to breathe, much less this... my favorite - free - blissful therapy.

I have been lamenting a little lately... missing my old life... the one where I went to movies... shopping... took long naps... took long showers...

The one where I could sit my coffee cup down and not worry about someone finding it and pouring it onto my freshly mopped floors.

The one where I didn't have to use plastic ornaments on my Christmas tree. (for the record, in my former life, plastic ornaments were not only ugly, but a horrific Christmas crime)

Over breakfast the other day, I told Josh my woes. How I missed our quiet weekends away. How I missed date nights and restaurants with no high chairs and any movie without a "G" rating.

But Josh. He is wise. He is content and happy. He said that playing with the babies replaces all that for him. It's just as good.
And my heart was happy. And full. Because, my cup runneth over.

Everyday, I am followed around by my two biggest fans. They are so in love with me, they want to do everything I do. They want to sit at my feet and play with puzzles or books and use my jeans for a napkin. Awesome.
I beg them to sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" with me just one more time, because my heart melts everytime I see them use their fingers to make their little Itsy Bitsy Spider.

I search endlessly for matching outfits everytime we leave the house. Because, HELLO, I think everyone should enjoy just how adorable these two are... And I am frankly happy to not ever leave the house... as our best days, it turns out, are the ones we spend in our pajamas.

I relish naptimes... and after about two hours, I am pacing the floor, having exhausted all the possibly quiet time I can stand.

I watch episodes of Bob the Builder and Thomas the Train... willingly. I realized the other day, while Christmas shopping, that I now can recognize the Engines from Sodor without needing the show or a label. I'm gettin' good, ya'll.

I cut hotdogs and green beans and peices of banana into tiny, bite size chunks. The big girls don't even complain anymore. Everything we eat has become a finger food.

And so, in my moments of missing the old life.. the one before The Presidents of My Fan Club showed up... I remember the little moments - the ones where my hair remains unwashed, my clothes are mismatched and my living room is cluttered with legos... they are the best. Besides, what are a few plastic ornaments just between friends?

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