Thursday, November 11, 2010

5110 Days. A celebration.

Fourteen years ago, in the wee hours of the morning, She entered the world. Quickly, and ever so quietly. It was just She and I. She opened those big blue eyes and looked up at me and blinked. Here We are, Mama. Now what?

I used to say that this grand, powerful entrance was reflective of her personality. Quiet. Taking everything in. No fussing. No fretting. Just a powerful soul with a killer set of baby blues. Now I am quiet sure I didn't know what I was talking about. Hello, fourteen. It comes right along with a never shut mouth and lots and lots of fretting over things like blue jeans, boots, boys and where in the hell her cellphone has been left this time.
(and she would say)

We have reached the years where I am no longer cool. I don't know everything anymore. As a matter of fact, I know nothing at all. Unless of course, I am taking her shopping or ... shopping. Then I know everything. EVERYTHING. AND I AM BEAUTIFUL on those days. Otherwise, I am pretty sure she gets up everyday, looks at me, and wonders how I have made it this far in life - with no sense of style, smarts or knowledge on any subject whatsoever. Ahhhh. It's a good life.

She has her friends. Amazing as she is, beautiful, hilarious friends. They giggle and share clothes and stay up until four am together on a frequent basis. They text and talk and leave their shoes everywhere over here. Football games, Wednesday night church, sleepovers, Starbucks. It's Her time. Her generation. And the best years haven't even gotten here yet.
(and she would say)

She is funny and loud and right in your face. She likes guitars and country music and anything involved with a rebel yell and a midnight good time.... a country girl through and through. Mudbogs, Hank Williams and horses are her secret second life... the one she shares with her loud and crazy wild family.
(and she would say)

Fourteen years ago, on this day, I was issued my notice of Career Change. Congratulations. You are are now a Mother. Her mother. Good luck.

Um... is there an instruction manual ?

Human Resources department?

Suddenly, there I was. Baby and all. Nineteen years old. I had no idea what I was doing.
I became a mother when she was born. I have spent everyday since learning how to be a better one. Thankfully, she has stayed on this ride with me.... seatbelt unbuckled the whole time.

And so here we are, at fourteen. Both of us. Accomplishment.


  1. aww, happy bday SB! I hope she gets new boots, not that the ones she has now are bad...just new boots in general are great.