Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How Magic Happens.

(all the amazing photos in this post were taken and edited by my talented friend Lori... one of JLo's many Backup Mamas. She was there on Saturday when I wasn't... and truly captured the "spirit" of these girls better than I have ever seen done before... enjoy.)

Jordin has been taking dance lessons since she was three years old. At a lovely studio right here in our hometown. A lovely studio situated right in quaint little downtown. A lovely studio operated by an even more lovely and fabulous woman, with whom I totally credit with 50% of who my child is. I happen to have a photo of her wearing snakes on her head and some eygptian makeup, but I will spare her the internet.

In the early days, she taught Jordin how to shuffle step and shimmy. I do not credit her with teach Jordin how to lose tights, tap shoes and all other means of dancewear. This is all Jordin. It's a special talent that came with her at birth. Any by "special," I mean anything but. It goes right long with the famous WHERE IS MY HOMEWORK and OMG I CAN'T FIND ANY SHOES. You get the idea.

What was I saying again? Oh yes. Dance.

*not sure what JLo has found under her nails here, but I can assure you it is not anything good

Being a "Dance Mama" has its ups and downs. There is ususally some drama stirring about ... like every good situation where a bunch of women and their children are involved. There are the days when the ballet shoe is missing - and cannot be found, despite turning everything in your home upside down. There are the days when you arrive two hours late or two hours early - just because you couldn't pull it all together. There is always a piece of required jewelry missing.... and we never have the right tights for the occasion... that's pink for ballet - tan for everything else... just in case you might have been wondering. There is alot of hair curling, fake eyelash applying, and I am certain a cloud of hairspray and glitter hovers over the dance studio at all times. Sadly, I now have a small container of glitter that resides permanently in my purse. In case of glitter emergency. It's a sign of my veteran status.
Oh yes. You can tell the difference. New dance mamas are always amazed by what we 'Vets' will pull out of our purse in case of dire emergency. Usually, we can be found with at least two extra pairs of tights, a bevy of false eyelashes, extra QTips, a spare tube of lipstick, miniature sewing kit, nerve medication and a dose of sanity. Those last two are our little secret though. We learned from those that came before us. Because, at that very last second, when you can feel your 'last nerve' bidding you aideu, and you are finishing up the lettering on your "THIS CHILD IS FREE" sign, it's always nice to have another mommy there to soothe you. Maybe you just need a Diet Coke.

*notice that Poppy (far left) stays perfectly composed as her friend hits the ground... ahhh... professionalism... it always comes before friendship in this business...

In the years since we started tapping and twirling professionally, we have met many friends and enjoyed sharing the stage with all of them. There are years, however, that are more memorable than others, for a litany of reasons. Occasionally, in this parallel universe we call "DANCE", you hit a streak of perfection and chemistry that cannot be denied. A bit of emotion, togetherness, friendship and perfection that is tangible. Visible. Obvious. In a word... undeniable. We have had a couple of these that stand out over the past seven years. A year where everything just... happens.
This is one of those years.

*this is actually part of their newest routine, however, it is a picture that defines the three of them beyond words.

Indeed. It is one thing to have friends at school - friends at church or anywhere else. It is entirely another thing to have friends who share your passion for something... friends who express themselves exactly as you do... friends that move gracefully across a stage in unison with you.... friends who know, too, what Foot Panties are. These girls have found their perfect place. It just happens to be together. On a stage, With spotlights. You must have the spotlights. It's why they signed up for this whole deal in the first place. That, and foot panties. With zebra stripes.

And I happily realize, when they are together - my world is complete. Watching them do what they do... whether it's tap or twirl or sprinkle glitter on their eyes... I am content. It will be a "good year" for them... lots of awards - lots of recognition. But that's not what's most important.
They spend three days a week together not only perfecting their technical skill - but planning who will be what Teletubby on Halloween. Or who will be what kind of nerd. Or who can come over to who's house and when and for how long. Or what color their new pair of foot panties should be.
And if you can't talk about THAT with your girlfriends, who you gonna talk about it with?

It's gonna be a great year. Just buckle up.

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  1. I love you..first and foremost. I think you are wonderful and perfect...and a way better photog & editor than moi. I shall learn from you. Poppy said that she wanted Zebra Striped Foot Panties. All of my ppl should know that if you are running late, your kid is in the car with me. <3

    You have defined us Dance Mommas perfectly.