Sunday, October 31, 2010


Halloween did not beat us. Trust me, it tried. Very, very hard. We made it home and up the next day in almost one piece. Except for Lauren. Who was in two and a half pieces. We taped her back together though. She's doing better.

I decided to type this post in orange to be festive, just one more time. After this weekend, orange and black goes back to being a bad color combination. Let's enjoy it, just one last time, shall we?

(L2 / Dressed and Ready / October 2010)

Today on the dreaded Facebook, I saw a friend's status that read, "Thank Goodness. Sucktober is Over." I agree. Sucktober. The month itself was decent, but this year, for some reason, Trick or Treating wasn't nearly as fun. It kinda sucked. Maybe it was missing Josh. Afterall, there was no one there to remind me how very late it's getting (at 730) and how our babies won't be taking candy from any strangers. Hmmm.

Maybe it was because They tried to move it to Saturday. Who are They, anyway?

Maybe it was the millions of people that decided to Trick or Treat my favorite, not-so-crowded spot.

Maybe it was missing Sarah Beth and Jordin. They had other, more teenagersish things to do.

Don't know what IT was. But it was definitely missing. I was glad the weekend was over. I am never glad Halloween is over.

(L2 / At Aunt Becky's House / October 2010)

There are a few select things I love about still living in the town where I grew up. One of them is this delicious breakfast and lunch joint we like to call Martins, that serves quite possibly the most delicious biscuits (MADE WITH LARD I MIGHT ADD) and whatever else you can imagine. And for lunch, chili dogs and huge greasy onion rings. If I moved far away, I think I would pay to have it FedExed to me, like, once a week. Ok. Maybe twice a week. Let's just be honest.

What was I saying again? Oh yes. My hometown.

The other thing is the holidays. There is something your small town and the holidays. Trick or Treating tops the list. Walking down the sidewalks - seeing all the people you grew up with - and their kids ... it's the best feeling. Traditions die hard in my heart, I guess. I am sucker for anything that screams MEMORIES. And Trick or Treating downtown is old school trick or treating... the brand that produces candy from every house, complete with scary yard decorations and socializing neighbors.

(Lauren / Cutest Shoes on the Planet / October 2010)

Somebody must've told somebody else. And that person told at least three more people. Andthey all decided to join me. My favorite downtown small town streets were packed full this year. Packed so full it was almost impossible to naviagte the sidewalks. I am sad to say it was not fun.

This did not phase Landon, however. He had figured out the TRICK OR TREAT phrase earlier in the day - and now realized, when paired with holding out your plastic bucket, REAPS REWARDS. BIG SUGARY REWARDS. After two houses, he was in heaven with two suckers in his mouth and a handful of sticky Skittles.

So. We made it. That's my report for you. Lauren didn't sleep until 2am. She was all hyped up on Mountain Dew. No. Not really. She was all hyped up on having just been in a crowd of three million people.... Unless of course she managed to sneak a Mountain Dew in there somewhere. It's always possible, right?

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  1. I miss so many things about Halloween. And I am thankful you guys stopped by to be my first ever trick or treaters!