Friday, June 25, 2010

A Case Study.

Having two babies in the home, less than one year apart, mind you, makes for
a.) many, many raised eyebrows.
b.) frequently being asked if we "know how this happened"
c.) wonder and amazement of "how we do it"
Jeez. You'd think we're The Duggars. If that's the case, by the way, I would like a reality show and an industrial size kitchen complete with soda fountain. Immediately. Oh! And one of those passenger vans. Just have them delivered. Thanks.

Let's address those raised eyebrows. Hello, have you seen babies before? We're feeding and clothing them. They get a bath a least once a month and we even occasionally change their diapers. Trust me, they're well taken care of. Sometimes, we even feed Lauren solid foods. And who cares that Landon's favorite food is a hot dog? Who?! We even buy the "All Beef" ones just to make it more nutritious. It's us adults you should be worried about... I now consider two bites of leftover baby food a meal and think that sleeping for a solid six hours at night is just like having a week-long vacation in Fiji. I sort Lego blocks for fun and have Elmo on my bedside table. It's quite a life.

In case you might be wondering if we know how "this" happened... actually, yes. We do. We're quite proud of it. We enjoy telling the story at parties. Have you heard of this? Impeccable timing, right? And to make it better, Lauren, always in on our master plan, even showed up eight whole weeks early just to make it that much more fun. WOO!! Don't get me wrong. We "know" how "it" happened. I think the next time someone asks me that, I am going to answer. In simple, plain English. Just for kicks. Prepare yourself.

"How" do we do it? Indeed. At age thirty, we started "over" with not one, but two babies. Fortunately for me, Josh had a SuperDad cape hanging in his closet. He wears it everyday. He never told me he had it. Whew. What a surprise. Fortunately for him, I happen to be a decent cook and don't mind folding laundry and changing the poopie diapers. (Side note : IS there a correct way to spell "poopie"?) We managed to survive two months of colic (read : screaming, lots and lots of screaming) and pretty much decided after that, we could do anything. Leap tall buildings, build bombs out of a pencil and a paperclip, and yes, even raise our children. "How" is still pretty much a mystery - we're pretty sure it has something to do with this whole "Teamwork" idea. Don't tell him I said that. I wouldn't want him to know he was right about anything.


  1. Quite the photogenic little pair there. Of course you know "how" it happened - that was the fun part. :o) I've often thought couples that have babies that close together are crazy, but you have to look at the fact that God has a plan for everybody - and he wouldn't give you more than he thought you could handle.

    Just sayin'.

  2. LOVE the pics!! Precious babies and yeah their parents are ok ;-)