Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thinking Spot.

When the weather warms, we all retreat to one place, every year, no matter what.
Mimi's back porch. It's where the wild things are. It's where we solve the world's problems. Well, most of them anyway. We have yet to solve the issue of my parents being democrats out there. Some things a porch just can't fix.

In any case, democrat or republican, the porch is a special place. Even though we know who is right. Me. Just for notation purposes.

What was I saying again? Oh. Yes. The Back Porch.

Having been born in the month of October, and doing that whole reeaaaalllly tiny thing - Landon has not had much Back Porch Time as of yet. I guess when you are almost five months old, there are fewer problems to solve.

The weather was warm and springish. And Landon debuted on the porch swing.

With his Mimi. And he realized we've been hiding a whole world from him. One that includes birds and trees and two pesky horses. And I am sure he was thinking of disowning us right then, for keeping all this cool stuff from him. WHAT WERE WE THINKING with our desire to keep him warm and toasty?

So, as she is alwaaaays thinking of blog topics for me, Mimi "suggested" that I RUN and get her camera so we could document such an important day. Hey I said SUGGESTED. Of course, by the time you reach thirty, you've realized what "suggested" means in Mother Language. In other words, DO IT. NOW.

After a few minutes of all that new stuff, and you know, birds and nature and all, Landon was just plain tuckered out. That or all the political talk bored him right to sleep.


  1. More baby Pictures !!! Are Ya tring to kill me? Wow, he is so handsome.You are going to have a ball ..I'm thinking little boy Easter Clothes ...

  2. Wow Rachael, he is just so darn cute! I love his look in that 2nd one. It's like there's so many new things to look at, he doesn't know what to fix on. You can see his little mind working and taking it all in. Great great shot!