Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dear Landon. Month Three.

Dear Landon.

Today you are twelve weeks old. Three months. Eighty-four days. A whole bunch of hours. A gazillion or so minutes.

The last three months have been life changing, and I am not sure where the time has gone. Seems like yesterday that I was impatiently awaiting the doctor to release you from the NICU. Now you're smiling and laughing and oh yes, sleeping all night. The latter of three being the most impressive thus far. But, the smiling is nice too.

I wish I could say we were "working out the kinks" in your schedule. But, hello, that would be a bold face lie. We're just happy when you do the same thing for forty-eight hours, much less develop a whole entire consistent schedule. Schedule? What's that? You'll hear of no such thing. I say this is a definite peek into the future... of you knowing that you will more than likely always be able to charm anyone into whatever you want. This will work to your advantage one day. Just not now. Mostly because I've been to this rodeo before, my friend.

This past month you and your daddy finally held hands. A moment I have been waiting on for forever it feels like. I couldn't trade those initial moments of introduction for any amount of money. Yeah. I love him. So much sometimes it hurts. But, we can't have everything we want (life lesson #1)... so, I am settling for friendship... for you. The one that you saved, singlehandedly. You are changing lives, everyday. You don't know it yet, but you are. A lesson in ... just laying down everything and moving forward.

Now, speaking of Him (your father) I must mention that you didn't stick with our plan of you know, giving him hard time for at least a year - since you went right ahead smiling ear to ear whenever you see him... however, that's okay... we'll save the hard time for when you're thirteen through twenty-one. And wow, like, trading a year for like, eight? Now THAT'S what I call a deal.

It's very precious to watch anyone become a parent for the first time. That you could have a part in something so great... so amazing... one day you will understand this.

I took you to visit Aunt Becca and Uncle Brandon this month. Your very first trip to Charleston. Your very first complete bath by a dog. Beau was so excited I think he wanted to change diapers himself. Of course, with no thumbs, this remains hard for him to accomplish. He settled for eight million kisses instead. Aunt Tracey babysat and Uncle Brandon took you to the "boys" section of the store. In any case, you were delightful and dined and strolled like all the other good Charlestonians do. To say the least, you um - fit RIGHT in. Could be a Citadel in your future. Mike Company, preferably. With Aunt Becca as your librarian.

The next few months will bring even more changes, I am certain. I am just lucky and blessed to know you will be a part of every one. Waited my whole life to do this thing with you? Absolutely.


  1. This one made me cry ... That's all I can say .Oh, and Landon has the most beautiful BRIGHT eyes ! I want sooo much for you to be happy .

  2. So glad that Landon is working his magic for the two grown-ups in his life ;) The pictures are precious, keep them coming!

    By the way - I may have missed it, but are you back to work?