Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas 2008 - A Review

Here we are on the third day of the New Year - and I am sitting in my living room still contemplating how in the world Christmas managed to explode so heinously in my living room. And why is it that the mess only somehow looks worse when you start to clean it up? When do the elves come and put away my tree? WHEN??

There is, at some point every year, a ridiculous splurge purchase of something so tacky Christmas that it can't be avoided. This year's purchase was a mini - pre-lit flocked PINK tree. It was toootally on clearance... and, well... it spoke to me. It matches nothing in my house - and i have no need for another tree - however, I felt the Farmhouse was really where the little pink guy needed to be. We found a perfect home on the front porch. And then I went really crazy and made a garland out of big puffy pom-poms. Well, mostly I slaved the children into making the garland - because my ADD doesn't really allow for sitting still long enough to complete anything of that nature.

The garland turned out precious, and we hung our "special" ornaments out there.

Every year we spent a vast amount of time arguing over which set of ornaments to use on the tree. Yes. You heard me correctly... which "set." We're nerdy that way about Christmas around here... we have "the blue set" , 'the silver set" and ... the "colorful" set. If we were going with public opinion, every year we'd do the "colorful" set - as this tree is commonly referred to by all who vist... "Rachael's Big Colorful Tree." However, in lieu of seemingly our last year as the Girly Girl House - we vamped out this year's tree with as much silver and glitz and glamour possible. Of course, in honor of Landon, we threw in the token blue.

We spent our holiday surrounded by the people that matter the most... it was full of cookies (ok, maybe a few too many cookies) and love and ... well, complete chaos. What would a holiday be without complete chaos? Every year that passes is another reminder of how fleeting precious moments are... this year, for the first time, we had to reconfigure Mimi's Christmas Village to accommodate the girls growing... can't really fit it into the floor anymore... so we upgraded the real estate and gave The Village the dining room table. Since the configuration of The Village requires an entire day or two spent in pajamas in the dining , it will probably stay up through January. OR until the train starts to drive us to drink.

The girls are finally home from a week long visit with their dad and his family... complete with lots of good food and time spent playing the ever-popular Wii. Such luxuries do not exist at The Farm - however - blissfully, since they've been back - they are spending time together peacefully. What more can the New Year bring?

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