Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dear Landon. Month Two.

Dear Landon.
Yesterday you celebrated eight weeks of life. Eight weeks. You celebrated at your Aunt Jennifer's house, where I am certain your cousin and future best friend, Jackson, tried to shove an assortment of items from the floor into your mouth. Naturally, only after he has first shoved them into his mouth. Because sharing? It's what friendship is all about.

You celebrated by spending your day with a few people who love you more than anything, because they were the ones who watched you make your grand entrance, little lungs and all. Aunts who will surely be the ones you run to later in life when I refuse to give you the car keys or when I "just don't understand." And trust me, sweet boy, that day will be here sooner than we both think.

About two weeks ago, you started growing, and haven't stopped. You eat as if we haven't ever fed you, and have outgrown all of your "newborn" size clothes. You have tremendously long legs (what? imagine that) and when you are really mad, you shake one of them like you might already know how to do the Hokey Pokey. The girls and I secretly love it when you get mad enough to shake your leg. Of course, when you are two and throwing yourself into a disgruntled pile on the floor, it will be much less cute.

Speaking of growing.... You have been working on your smile. Your face twists in a million different directions until you get just the right combination of muscles working at the same time. Of course, despite the length of time between them, each one is totalllly worth it. Even if I am an hour late to work trying to coax the next one out of you. Sarah Beth is so excited she has recorded you smiling in her cellphone... she works as hard as I do to work one out of you. Almost like she has finally realized - HEY! This baby - he's INTERACTIVE! Almost like her DS. ALMOST.

Sound sleep is a rare commodity. I often look over at you (because, um, yes, you are still in my bed next to me) and wonder if you just have no idea how loud you truly are with your pacifier. Think Maggie Simpson. You know, as if being the perfect baby was a little too much. Keeping me up at night? Just your way of keeping up appearances.

Christmas is one week away. You are sure to sleep right through, or, at the very least, have no idea what's going on around you. We'll take lots of pictures and tell you about it later. I resisted buying the Triceratops from the toy store that you can ride on - the one that actually munches leaves... since I think you might be a little small for your first pet dinosaur. But next year is a whole other story....

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