Monday, December 15, 2008

Catching UP.

Oh. Hi!

In case you might be wondering what's been going on at The Farm... in case you might be wondering... the answer is - too much. Too many diapers, too many errands, too many dance rehearsals lasting until too late at night. Too many. But. We're here. Heads above water. Trying our very best to put the brakes on and enjoy the holidays. That screeching sound you hear? Yes. That would be the brakes.


Let's start with Jordin. Remember her MRI? We had it. In the very clean and perfectly wonderful Childrens Hospital. They had to do the @(#)@( thing twice, since JLo kept moving her head around. Yay. I managed a nice nap, however, without interruption. THAT made it all worthwhile. In any case, the MRI came back clear - prayers answered.

There hasn't been a "scientific" explanation yet for her headaches, however, Mimi packs her a protein-snack everyday (you know, cheese, etc) and this seems to help. It's been weeks since we've had a headache. (insert applause here)

Of course, I think that possibly these have something to do with it.

Ahem. Perhaps if she spent more time right side up.


Sarah Beth? Who? We lost her to text messaging a while ago. In a world where everything is abbreviated and spelled in such a way that would make Emily Post roll over four times in her grave. FOUR.

We recently got into "hair" and "makeup" and other miscellaneous girlish activities. Sheesh. I think I was happier with dirty fingernails and no shower for two days in a row. Because now, it's all "is my mascara smeared?" And dear God, do not ask her about "the boy" she likes. If you do, you might get to see her break out in a sweat, turn red, and demand to know if it was ME who TOLD YOU. The audacity.

They are two of the best sisters a boy could ask for. And, two of the best daughters a mom could ask for. Just the other day, in the middle of my tears because hello - who has the time and money to make this "motherhood" thing work - Sarah Beth looked at me and told me to "dry it up, mom - you're a single mom and this is just what you do... and you're doing a good job." I love that kid. We've even been hugging, like, everyday. Shh. She wouldn't want anyone to know.


As for me, I am ... here. The past eleven or so months have been quite the emotional roller coaster... and the ride doesn't appear to be over yet. I am reminded by some very important people the three most important words in my heart and mind... Love. Pray. Forgive. Things we too often take for granted. I am taking small steps to repair a very broken friendship. Small steps. Sleep is a rarity I am learning an all new appreciation for and EATING? Seriously, who has time for that??

What? Landon who? Oh. The Baby. The Boy. The Grandson. Yes. Indeed. More on him tomorrow.

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