Saturday, July 30, 2011

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The past week has been a wonderful inspiration. So yes, that's my flowery excuse about why I haven't had anything brilliant to say. I have been busy reading, stalking and researching a lot of fabulous new blogs. Blogs about big city life, food, motherhood, photography, books, children - and every category you can think to fit in between.

I invited them all here to read too, and have now realized I have been so busy wiping the drool off my chin, I forgot to set out the cookies and coffee, for any passers by. This is grounds for expulsion here in the South.

And so, to make my week of bad hostessing worthwhile, I decided something. Pound Cake! Just kidding.

I am ready to get The Farmhouse moved on up (yes, Jefferson Style) to the next level. Let's face it... my design and content could use a little... direction. Turns out, this blogging thing is totally catching on, and there are ladies out there rocking the internet. And you know what? I am pretty sure I could be one of them... with a few small adjustments.

So, I am officially hanging our "Please excuse our mess," sign on the door. You're welcome. Stay tuned.

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  1. The decision to take it to the next level involves so much more than one would think. I have been thinking the vary same thing lately. But then there's that part of what to serve the guests. Sigh.

    I'll be stopping by more.