Saturday, July 16, 2011


Here we are, in the midst of summer. I am not even sure where the past three weeks have gone, I am barely keeping my head above water. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming... Dori the Fish is my hero.

As we speak, there are rainclouds overhead, and fresh coffee brewing. It's a perfect Saturday morning in my book. We've got a "cold front" moving through the south, it's a chilly 85 degrees... which is a nice, frosty break from the 104 degree heat index during the past week. The AC at The Farmhouse is breathing a deep sigh of relief. There are red tomatoes all over my kitchen table, and I am trying to decide if it's okay for us to eat tomato sandwiches for lunch and dinner every day til say, September. You'd have to live in the South to understand the love of a tomato sandwich. Stop by. I'll make you one.

tomato sandwich

The transition of The Teenager to living with her dad full-time is going well. She has a full schedule every week, which includes tutoring, a part-time job at her dad's office, and lots of babysitting. She has her very own money in her very own checking account. Last weekend, after she bought herself new clothes. she said "THIS IS FUN." Yes dear. For me too. In more ways than one. She spent last week on a church youth trip, made new friends, and is already gone again for another week at the beach with her BFF. Last night, on the way to the BFF's house, we rolled down the windows, turned up the radio, and sang at the top of our lungs. Life is good.


Middle Schooler just returned from her very first week at Sleepover Camp in the north Georgia mountains. I knew she was homesick. I knew she was cryin' for her mama every single day. I knew it right up until I pulled up to her cabin to pick her up - and I realized I was totally wrong. She'd had a wonderful time, made a million new friends, and hadn't thought about her poor, sad Mama all week long. I packed her right up again and shipped her out with her Grammy for a week with her cousins.

They're growing up. And I can't find the "Slow Down" button on my Remote.

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  1. I enjoyed reading that. You have a way with words. Kids...they do grow up quickly. I can't believe you have a teenager...with a job and responsibilities nonetheless. You must be doing something right! ;) Love ya, girl!