Saturday, March 19, 2011

Me and Martha : February : Review

A while ago, I took the Me and Martha Challenge with my friend, Janet. Janet is hip, fashionable, and has a shiny new law degree under her belt. She decided it might be time to get going on that Martha Stewart subscription that was piling up. Stewart Sisterhood unite! I was all in for the challenge. I wrote about it. I made it public. I shouted it from the internet rooftops.

Never shout anything from the internet rooftops. Because Martha, and her friend, Karma, are always listening. ALWAYS.

I flipped through the pages of my February issue and decided to go for two recipes. Recipes, after all, are my forte'. I love to cook and cooking sometimes loves me.

SUCCESS! Well. Sorta.


Individual Chicken Pot Pies (from Martha Stewart Living, February 2011)

This recipe is SUPER simple and VERY easy to prepare. Here at The Farmhouse, with dance lessons, guitar practice and two incredibly busy toddlers, we are all about EASY.

Why is there no fabulous picture of my own individual pot pie? WHY? Well, let's just say that one should never by PHYLLO instead of the PUFF PASTRY box that resides right beside it in the freezer section.

Phyllo is not NEARLY as photogenic as the fabulous Puff Pastry. Sorry. That's just the hard truth.

My second attempt at a recipe was just... an epic fail. Chocolate Creme Brulee and I? We are not friends. I had pictures. Lots of them. I carefully documented every step. I got a little testy when the Creme Brulee came out like Jello Pudding with a crispy sugar top and deleted all of them.

Since I am a good sport and all, here's the recipe if you feel so inclined. Just don't tell me about it. Ever.

I have already carefully reviewed my March issue, and have decided that one bad batch of Creme Brulee can't justify throwing in the Martha Handtowel. Stay tuned.

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