Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snowpacalypse 2011 / A Recap.

Just for your information, as I write this very sentence, Lauren Grace is busy rubbing her jelly covered hands in her hair. Sometimes, the internet comes first, babies.

Snow. Snow. Snow. This same time a bout a week ago, Atlanta woke up to six inches of the prettiest stuff EVER. It was white... shiny... glistening, even. Beautiful.

On Monday morning, we woke up to this. For your information, that's somewhere between four and six inches of the white stuff... with a nice, thin layer of ice delicately placed on top.

(Newly fallen snow, very early Monday morning. To accomplish this picture, simply threaten everyone in your home that if they step out in the snow before you do, they can stay inside and fold laundry.)

If you're still reading this, then you must not be from Atlanta. How do I know this? Because everyone who is from Atlanta came here, saw the subject matter of this post, quickly rolled their eyes and ran away screaming. We are all so sick of even the IDEA of snow now, that I think we might just rename our state FLORIDA.

Not only are the grocery stores sold out of ... well, everything - but most of them are closed, along with banks, gas stations, movie theaters, major interstates and any place you can possibly imagine. SHUT. DOWN. So, just to recap that ... not only are all stores and other places closed, but all roads leading to them are closed as well. Just to make sure you understand.

Suddenly feeling a little... claustrophobic? Yeah. Just imagine my little crooked house with five OTHER people besides myself roaming around in a state of complete boredom. One word to describe that, folks....


This whole concept of everything being closed, including the roads, is very fun for approximately 24 - 48 hours. By the end of the second day of snow and ice, we are all getting cabin fever and sick to death of wet socks, lost gloves and the pile of muddy, wet shoes by the front door. By the end of day two, snowmen have been built, sleds exhausted and we are just plain... COLD. Coming from a region of our country where we find it acceptable to wear flip flops right up until Thanksgiving, this is never good.

(Jordin and Em thought they would build an igloo. Since that plan was a little industrious for their taste, they quickly abandoned and went right back to the good ole' fashioned sled idea.)

The snow did have it's perks, however. Yes, admittedly, there were a few.

Snow tends to slow us all down a little... causing you to watch every second of the news, as if perhaps we live near or on a distant planet... somehow is responsible for you eating mass amounts of snack foods, watching lots of bad B movies on cable, and sleep all day just because you wanted too. This lasts ... for a time.

And so, a week later, the snow started to melt. We thawed. We started to return to normal life... schedules, routines, rules and general order. I made my older children bathe for the first time in days. DAYS. Mind you, hot water was available the ENTIRE TIMEwe were "stuck" together. Just wanted to clarify.

(I just love typing those words... it just sounds so great on paper... rules, order, blah blah)

When I awoke from my Snow Fog, I realized, to my horror, that my sink was piled high with unwashed dishes, and my laundry room? Dudes. Let's not even GO there. The pile of wet socks alone would cause a man to go blind.

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