Friday, January 7, 2011


Boy, who knew a week of sick toddlers would put me under? And by under, I mean buried six feet down under twelve loads of laundry, a lot of snot and two teary babies. When I signed up for the "Two under Two" plan, I just had no idea. Someone should've given me a manual or something. Of course, I said the same thing with the big girls - and so far - they're turning out ok. LOOK MA! NO HANDS!

I have tried about fourteen million times to write a post about my resolutions for the New Year. Unfortunately, every time I grab five minutes of having my hands free of Kleenex, I looked over and saw the dishes in the sink or the laundry piles where my loveseat used to be... and I felt... guilty. Guilty that perhaps my family would be wearing dirty underwear in lieu of me getting out a little writing for the general internet public. What can I say... sometimes, the family comes before the internet. I said sometimes, people.

So now, here we are... on the other side of the Nasty RSV virus. We are here with minimal snot and only a few leftover tears... and those are just because SOME PEOPLE around here think they should still get to sleep with Mama, even though they are feeling much better. TOO BAD! Except for did I mention how snuggly those little peanuts are? It's kinda addicting.

The New Year came - 2011- and I was sound asleep... with a sniffly toddler under my arm. I think Joshua stayed up to it in for everyone here at The Farmhouse. He's such a trooper like that... taking one for the team. I think that he made it until midnight only because when he climbed into bed Iremember him whispering "Happy New Year." Just for the record, I sweetly responded with something menacing like, "if you wake her up, I WILL kill you." Yes. Happy New Year, Sweetheart.

Back to the whole Resolution thing. I had some extra time to think about last year ... and this year... and everything in between. Here is my list, for all of you who might be interested. I have included the completely ridiculous, as well as the incredibly significant. Enjoy.

1. Be a better Mama. Everyone has room for improvement, right? I realize the other day that Sarah Beth is fourteen. Four more years before she flies my coop out into the big grown up world. I want every moment to count. This might mean more nerve mediciation or possibly a therapist... but I am determined to learn how to enjoy this phase we call "Teenager."

2. COOK. COOK. COOK. I live in my great-grandparent's 125 year old former Farmhouse. I have the privilige of cooking meals for my family in the same kitchen my great grandmother made her biscuits. This year, I plan to celebrate this fact, rather than complaining so much about the lack of counter space and no dishwasher to speak of. Maybe I will hire my teenager for that job. See #1.

*prepare for superficial resolution (sure to make you roll your eyes)

3. I will watch every episode of Jersey Shore.

4. I will pray for starving children and World Peace. This will make up for #3.

5. READ. I used to read all the time. I couldn't be found usually without a book.... and now I make excuses about not having time to read. I need to read to my babies more often. They love books. This year, I will take time to read - to myself and to the babies.

6. CREATE. Long before I became a Bridezilla Wrangler, I was a creative soul who made scrapbooks, published daily blog entries, sewed, and everything in between. Then I got a job wherein the creative life was sucked out of me on a daily basis, by mostly lovely brides who wanted beautiful wedding invitations. I loved my job, but my personal creativity suffered greatly. I was too busy sharing it with the world of Weddings. I actually gave away most of my craft supplies, having no time or energy to devote to them. Now, back to the Stay at Home Mama life... I need a return to the Creative Me. Maybe with a bit more focus. Maybe. Focus afterall, not my strong suit.

7. CELEBRATE. Life is short. We need to play harder and enjoy the everyday a little more.

So that's it. the Resolution Short List. 2011, here we come. Me, Joshua, The Farmhouse, The Babies, The Girls... and the entire cast of Jersey Shore. Look out.

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