Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Day Before The World Changed Forever.

It's a day that we sometimes forget. Or find ourselves too busy too remember the signifigance of... a day that is almost as special as the birthday itself.... the day right before you become a parent... a mother or a father. The day just before your world goes from all about "you," to entirely about someone else. You have loved before... but not like this.

The last, magical hours before you realize that you now share a bite of every meal you eat with someone else... a sip of whatever you have to drink with someone else. The last day that you will know nothing about subjects you will quickly become and expert on, including Which Sippy Cups are Best, Poop Schedules and Favorite Brand of Diapers. Soon enough, these topics will be ones you can have lengthy, valid disucssions about with others. And love every minute of it. But. For now, in these wee hours, you are still blissfully oblivious.

The Day Before Your Firstborn. The last day of the rest of your "life." The last day of life as you knew it. The last day before you develop a mini version of yourself. The last day before you have someone following your every step during the day, dragging your tools around right behind you. The last day before you gain a lifelong "helper" . The last day that you will reach down, and not find a hand reaching up for yours.

The final moments when you will not have someone "in between" in your bed. When you will have only grown-up books on your bedside table. When you will reach over to turn out the light and NOT knock over three sippy cups and two bottles. When cracker crumbs won't be all over your clothes when you arrive for a job interview. When your favorite authors are not Holly Hobbie or Eric Carle.

It's pretty special. The last day. Maybe we could celebrate this day every year... a tribute to life before parenthood. A tribute to those long, uninterrupted nights of sleep... the days BEFORE Bob the Builder dominated our television... the times when we could go anywhere we wanted without a diaper bag. We could get a cake or copious amounts of alcohol and toast the days that Used To Be Us. But we're probably too tired. And really, who wants a celebration of any kind without both of Them? What's cake and fun without Landon and Lauren?

So. Here we are. On this, most important day... right before your life changed forever. Watching you "become" who you "are" over the past two years has been one of the best things I have ver been priviliged enough to witness. And somehow, despite all the fun and naps and days of doing whatever we wanted ... I know you wouldn't change a thing... . And that is worth every second we have spent without sleep.

Well. Almost.


  1. That's sweet, Rachael...and oh, so true! :)


  2. happy birthday Landon! I'm so glad I got to be a part of your welcome into this world!