Friday, September 24, 2010

Things we go through a lot of...

A list.

  1. Diapers. Hello. Two babies. Need I say more?
  2. Wipes. Purchased by the case, on a weekly basis.
  3. Hairspray. Would anyone like to discuss the effects teenagers are having on the Ozone?
  4. Attitude. Check at the door. Or, you can always opt to check it AFTER you realize you won't be leaving the house FOR QUITE SOME TIME.
  5. Gas. My taxi service runs for several hours every day. And still, no one leaves a tip.
  6. Socks. My house eats them. I am certain there is a second dimension out there, where single socks party all night and mock our every load of laundry.
  7. Laundry. Good. Grief. I think that about sums it up.
  8. Coffee. One cannot care for six people without the AUTO BREW option.
  9. Milk.
  10. I would like to intercept here, just so you can feel the aura that surrounds my life - that - as I sit by the open window to write - I can hear the blissful sounds of my two older girls SCREAMING at each other in their outside tent... over what blanket they are going to use. And yet everyone wonders why I don't update the blog frequently... GOOD. TIMES.
  11. The Wiggles. Heaven help us.
  12. iCarly. (see above)
  13. Homemade salsa.
  14. Canned cinnamon rolls. Pillsbury.
  15. Bacon. Lots of Bacon.
  16. Bleach. Must keep floors sanitary for crawling one year old.
  17. Plastic cups and plates. Don't think I'm washin' all these dishes.
  18. Cold Beer. It takes up an annoying amount of room in my smallish fridge. But it keeps The Man happy in a houseful of estrogen. I just prefer the stronger stuff. The quicker the better, I say.
  19. Batteries. I don' t my toys lit up and sang nearly as much as these do.
  20. Country Music. My teenager and man are avid music listeners.
  21. Hip Hop Music. My pre-teen is an avid ... something.
  22. The internet. Thank god for Wi-Fi. Otherwise, there could be no Facebook.
  23. Nerves. This should probably be number one.
  24. Cusswords. Come to think of it, if we had a Cuss Jar, we'd be even more broke than we are now. Shhh. Don't mention that.
  25. Great Ideas. One must have them frequently and often to make it 'round here.
  26. Gratitudes. Frequent reminders of how blessed we truly are, despite all the above.
What's on your list ?


  1. more more more more. need me to watch babys while u blog