Saturday, June 13, 2009

Live Blogging. Just to surprise you.

Oh. Hi. You mean, I haven't BLOGGED in over a month? I've missed TWO Landon monthly letters? Yes. I admit. I am both a bad mommy and a bad blogger. At least I can admit it.

Truthfully, I have just been.... busy. Turns out, trying to keep up a house and three kids and a job and pets and the like is... well, the hardest thing I have ever done. Don't worry... I think the girls had a bath in the past week and I am pretty sure Landon's diaper has been changed at least once. We're not completely falling apart. Only partially.

So, tonight, at the request 0f one of my dearest relatives, I update. Live. From the houseboat. On the lake. With margaritas and hot wings and three-almost-teenage-girls oogling over the gaggle of teenage boys strolling around. Yes. Oogling. I can't blame them.

So, here we are.... summertime. Sarah Beth survived sixth grade without a therapist, Jordin managed to cartwheel her way into fourth grade, and Landon? Well, he's just tryin' to catch up with his two little teeth. Tryin'.

Come back. I will write more if you do. xoxo.


  1. Look, look, look - I'm writing a comment.
    This, of course, means you have to write another blog post.

    I am in serious Landon withdrawls! I need a pic of that kid STAT!

  2. Where are you chica?!?! All is well, I presume...

  3. You changed your header. That's progress :)