Monday, April 13, 2009

easter recap.

sunday was easter. which means, in the south, a large gathering of your closest family members where everyone brings a covered dish and a bunch of plastic colored eggs filled with candy that will surely melt everywhere... then, you stay there for several hours stuffing your face full of all sorts of deliciousness you would never find at home, and watch your children run around the property on the hunt for the mysterious prize egg that might have a $100 bill inside. indeed.

it means dressing your children up in their sunday bestest best (which is a much nicer version of "sunday best" complete with white patent shoes) and arranging them, along with their twenty or so other restless cousins, and taking the yearly cousin photo. because we mommies like to think of them always like that, in their sunday bestest best, not in the shorts, bare feet and mismatched tank top they will eventually put on. taking this picture takes many a nerve, and usually causes all parents involved to quickly retreat into quieter, shadier areas. quickly. especially the males. what? who?


the prize egg turned out to be a silly ole urban legend. it was only $10, not $100. not that it mattered.

dalton was happy to find one egg, and why couldn't he just sit down after he did? summer was chattering on the whole time she was hunting, though i am not sure quite about what. destiny was just in a hurry, as no one was allowed to gather more eggs than she. imagine her complete frustration when i asked her what color each one was... then the dilemna... show off how smart she was with her colors, or keep up with her mad dash to fill her basket? jackson wasn't quite sure what we were doing and why, but it seemed fun enough... running around a yard collecting plastic things that have candy inside? OKAY!

kaley and allie were sweet and charming, as always, offering to help me carry in landon and gathering my diaper bag for me. oh, and their dad made a ham. they were quite proud.
a ham! did i mention that?

and landon. white and sparkly and clean. and without a nap. and still as charming as ever. i love that boy.

i made a paula deen recipe. with a whole stick of melted butter poured over the top.


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  1. I love all of that stuff and I am glad . Its OVER! YAy rest . What ? OMG more stuff on the way . Whimper. :)