Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dear Landon. Month Five.

Yesterday (shame on me) you turned five months old. Five entire months. Before I know it, you'll be dating. Let's just take our time on that one. I'll take a little Kindergarten first, okay?

I must admit I have fewer pictures than normal to add to this post. That has to do of course, because I have shamelessly posted all the ones taken of you this month already, and because, indeed, I sold my camera. Hopefully I will have a new one soon enough.

For the first time in your wee little life, people are commenting on just how big(!) you are. And by big, I mean, you know, BIG. Chunky. Butterballish. It's a sigh of relief from the days of how tiny(!) you were - as I was worried you'd be cursed to a life of being the smallest kid in your class. You've left your preemie days behind for size 12 month clothing. I am constantly cleaning out your drawers.

You've been with your new babysitter for a little over a month now, and we couldn't be happier . You or me. She is sweet and kind and funny and loves the Goo Goo Dolls. I think all four are pretty important, noteworthy qualities. Just the other day when I picked you up, she apologized that you might have become a future golf player - as she had been watching the golf channel with you for most of the day. Apologize? Why, I think I just saw Pa's eyes glaze over. At this rate, he has hopes you might even turn out to be a democrat too. He has no idea I am totally workin' against him.

You are social. Talking. Laughing. Flirtin' with the ladies. You are mastering hand eye coordination. You work for hours on grabbing hold of just one of the dangling toys above your beloved Bouncy Seat. Once you get it, of course, you look around like, um, you know, NOW WHAT?

We introduced you to a little bit of television this month. Only because it was Sesame Street and well, who can resist ELMO? Not even you. You loved him and his goldfish. Don't worry. It's cool. Especially on the baby scene. The real shameful part is that we grownups were all sitting there just as enthralled as you were.

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  1. Look at him ... So sweet ..and your right he is getting big .I remember My boys like that now -we are talking Big and TAll -enjoy this .. It fly's by ... I tell people there is just something magical about little boys.....