Friday, February 27, 2009

just a typical friday night.

10:09 pm

ricky bobby is gettin' mauled by a wild cougar in his daddy's car
(watchin' this movie is like watchin' a good ole fashion' train wreck with the baby jesus; i love it and watch it like i've never ever seen it one million times before every time it's on)

jlo and emily are playing office... about to camp out in their super cool fort I built them
(I am a goooood fort builder - tonight I ripped a bedsheet - which was both the coolest thing of the night and very bohemian)

i served double stuffed oreos as a bedtime snack.... double. stuffed.

sb and megan are camping in the living room - stalking myspace and texting all their middle school buddies. sb just informed me that she really isn't that bored she's just lazzzzy.

landon is snoring in the bedroom

and life is good very very good

as ricky bobby would say "this is about a damn perfect evenin' right now."


  1. Well I thought it would be fun to go out in ...the ...rain... Don't ya just love my smarts !!!

  2. and just which bed sheet did you rip?