Friday, January 30, 2009

on being a collector

i read something interesting on another blog this morning, while sipping my coffee in the dark farmhouse... (yes, i finally learned to make coffee at home - so THERE starbucks)

"The problem is that my collection rate is greater than my archive rate."

now, mind you, the sweet lady who wrote this was probably talking about her crafting projects.

however, i find that this quote directly applies to my ... life. and my sock basket.

(do you have a sock basket in your laundry room? are we normal?)

last night a friend said to me... " i was telling you this all along... and then when it finally became YOUR idea (*um, three years later, I should mention) then you realized i was right." he was right. it took me three long years to cross something i had "collected" off my list of collections. all because i had to do it in my own time. which is never a good thing. just take a look at our sock basket.

so. herein lies the problem. well. not really a problem. more like a solution. a means to an end.

i collect.

(and oh yes, socks)

i take that list of bs (and my basket of socks) and never take enough time to cross anything off. i guess it's easier to continue making the list than it is to attain any of the goals or accomplish anything related to the items on it.


so. i am a collector. socks and otherwise. i think i am ready to stop my collecting.

now, i would like to find a nice way to showcase my collectibles under nice glass boxes with proper lighting (we'll call it the rachael gallery) and lock the door and move on.

all my collected items will be somewhere pretty, and i can move on the achieve section of my above quote. we can open this fine gallery of collectibles from life from time to time for others to view and learn from and ill even come back and be the head docent and say important things like, i told you so and you should listen more often than you speak.

sound good? hope so. because my coffee is gone, i neeeed a shower, and my son will soon be stirring.

have a good day. with less collecting. more achieving.

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  1. we are soo normal. I grew up with a sock basket and now have a sock basket of my own. I also collect pens. Or maybe hoard is more the word. And I also seem to have this growing "collection" of empty soda cans atop my computer desk.